Friday, January 9, 2015

Our Country Castle

So how did this city girl wind up living in her very own country castle?  I'll spare you the sappy love story for another day - fast forward to the last year.
When I moved into the house he was renting when we got married I was in for an eye-opener.  The house was west of the city and literally out in a field.  We had cows in our backyard that announced the cold front anytime it came in, turkeys that thought they could roost on my once garage-kept car, and spiders... OMG don't get me started on the spiders.  We didn't have a concrete driveway, we had well water that left a sandy residue on all of our dishes, and it wasn't out of the ordinary for the house to shake when a strong wind came "rolling down the plain".  It was time to find our permanent home.
It took us about two months to find it.  We looked at new houses in nice neighborhoods, we looked at old houses in okay neighborhoods, and we even looked at super fixer-uppers in...well...neighborhoods.  However we determined fairly quickly that my husband was not a neighbor loving homeowner.  Not because he's doesn't love people - my husband LOVES people, he majored in communications, the man makes a new best friend everywhere he goes!  He is just one of those self-proclaimed "I want to be able to pee in my own backyard" kind of men.  Anyway, we found a handful of places that were out in the country, but sketchy as all get out - our realtor was running out of options, and patience I'm sure...
Enter Craigslist - that's right - we found our dream home on Craigslist.  We had taken a break from looking after rejecting everything house thrown our way, then on a Friday afternoon I received a text message from our realtor with a link to a craigslist ad.  I had the same reaction you did - Really?!  Expecting to see an overpriced worn-out home that is typical of the area, I was shocked at the pictures and the description attached.  This house was perfect.  It had literally everything we had been looking for in a house - in essence it was our dream home! The home we thought we would never find given our long list of wants and our short amount of resources.  This was it.  I forwarded the text on to my new husband, trying not to get my hopes up.  His response - "Set up an appointment"
It all went quickly from there. We went and saw the house, met the owners, and made our offer - they countered, we countered, and they accepted.  All in ONE DAY! The owners were from my husbands home town, they knew a lot of the same people.  They were praying people, and for the next month as we got closer to closing that's what we all did - we prayed.  It was meant to be.
Growing up I never imagined living my fairytale anywhere outside of the city, but here it is, my dream home - my very own castle with my very own prince charming - out in the country, where we were meant to be.


  1. Great post and thank you so much for share.


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