Tuesday, December 29, 2015

2016 Goals

We have so many goals moving into the new year, so much we would like to accomplish, so many new things to dive into - Where do we begin!?

Personal Goals
1. Begin and stick with a serious budget - This will take a lot of effort on all fronts.  We build a budget each year, but sticking to it and all it entails will be the ultimate challenge.
2. Pay off my car - This explains itself.  If we can accomplish #1, this one shouldn't be to hard.
3. Meal prep - This should save us money if done right, and should help with my next goal as well.
4. Lose weight - Not just weight in general, I want to finish losing any lingering weight to get me to my goal weight.  Since I haven't been on a scale in a month, I don't know how much that is yet.  But I will weigh in on the first and we will get this party started!
5. Pass the CPA - This by far is the most important of the personal goals, it also explains itself.

Farm Goals
1. Grow - We plan to add more chickens to our flock, along with letting the ducks hatch a few ducklings.  If all goes to plan we will add about 6 new chickens and any ducks that come along.
2. Diversify - This year we will be expanding our livestock by adding goats to the farm.  Dairy goats to be specific.  Research is still underway and I am writing out a grant request as we speak, so keep your fingers crossed that this goes smoothly!
3. Fencing & Buildings - With the goats comes to need for fencing around the entire property, as well as a cross-fence to section off a back yard.  It will also bring additional buildings to our land.  I would like to build a larger coop/run area that has a goat house built in. 
4. Vegetable garden - We will give this a second try, year one was a bust, so hears to second chances!

This is a lot, but I can't ever do things to easy way.  So I will do my best to keep everyone up to date and keep this blog posted on all of our accomplishments and growth over the next year!

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