Friday, January 9, 2015

Gone Country

A little over a year ago I married God's match for me - I'm sure there was some laughter when He put us together.  A country boy, from small town America, would marry a city girl.
Let's rewind a bit.
I grew up in a suburban neighborhood in central Oklahoma.  To anyone from this state, I am considered a city girl.  Not city to say, New York standards, but city nonetheless.  There was a yard, neighborhood kids, large public schools, traffic, you name it.  I didn't have to go further than a mile from my house for anything I could possibly need. 
Fast forward to today.
I live in a ranch style farmhouse on the outskirts of a small town just east of "the city".  We have 5 acres, deer that frequent our back yard, we can't see our closest neighbors, and traffic.. only when a school bus or a tractor holds up the main road into town.  Oh - and I have to travel 30 minutes to the closest anything.
Welcome to the country!


  1. I LOVE living in the country. We aren't as far out into the country as you guys are but we love it as well. Our property backs up to a state park.

  2. That sounds wonderful! It's something I never thought I would experience, but country life is becoming a new favorite of mine, all of the animals that frequent our backyard makes it a million times more great :)

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