Wednesday, January 1, 2014

It's a New Year - It's a New Me

Every year we gather with friends and family to celebrate a year passing and a new year coming, and during this gathering we brag about all of the things we plan to change during the new year...every year most of us fail...

Nevertheless - I come into this new year as a new person, I have a new name, I have a new "status", I have a new outlook on life and my future, and I have a new opinion on New Year's Resolutions.  So, the wait is over, here are my resolutions for 2014:

1. Typical weight loss goal: Lose 20 pounds.  I honestly would love to lose less, but 20 not only seems reasonably, it also puts me right in the middle of the healthy BMI category.  This year I'm not only losing weight for myself.  I'm losing weight for my future; because after all, they say you have a better chance of conceiving when you are a healthy weight!

2. Typical financial goal: Pay off credit card debt.  I have to say I don't really have much, that is, compared to the national average.  But for my family, any amount is too much so this year I will pay it off - as quickly as possible.

3.  Get organized: I am surrounded by clutter, and my poor husband had a huge eye-opener when I moved in.  Cleaning and organization just aren't my thing, they never have been.  But this year I will organize my home and I will make it a comfortable place for him and I to come home to every night!

So, this morning I joined the local gym with a friend of mine from work, I have a clean kitchen and most of our laundry is done and put away, and I have a healthy dinner ready to put in the oven when my husband gets home.  So far so good :)

What are your resolutions and how do you plan on sticking to them this year?

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