Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Newlywed Life

Well we are one month into our lifelong journey - and I must say it's been a whirlwind.  You hear and read all over the place about the ups and downs of the first year of marriage, but if the first month is any representation of the first year then I think we will be just fine :)
We've started getting back into most of our routines, along with adding all the new ones.  Really, who knew cooking every night could actually be FUN?!  I say that now... but I'm already getting to the point that I'm running out of things to make without being to repetitive - we'll see where that takes us!
Budgeting is a new part of life that takes some getting used to, and as you all know, living in the country has been an adjustment all of its own.  But at the end of every day, good days and bad, I am still going to sleep next to my best friend, nothing gets better than that.

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  1. Ahhh the joys of budgeting. Blah.

    We are moving to the country on Dec. 5, and couldn't be more excited.

    I Love cooking with a crock pot. I seriously cook probably 75% of all of our meals in a crock pot these days.