Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Moving - Preparing for Wife-hood

If you have ever had to move from an upstairs apartment...more than sympathies go out to you. I just completed the awful task of moving out of my 3rd floor apartment and into my parents' house in preparations for the wedding. My biggest piece of advise for moving out of a 3rd floor apartment you ask? Don't move into a 3rd floor apartment! (Unless there is an elevator provided)

But that chapter of my life has now closed, and next comes 6 months of "job-shadowing" my mom, in order to learn what being a great wife entails.

Any advice for preparing for wife-hood?
Any nuggets of wisdom?


  1. when is your wedding?

    I am excited that I don't have to move and my fiance will be moving into my house after the wedding.

  2. Wedding is Oct 19 of this year :)

    Moving was definitely a pain, and the idea of knowing ill have to do it again is exhausting! Consider yourself very lucky, we are on the house hunt as I speak! When is your wedding?