Thursday, October 4, 2012

Hot Beverages and Kleenex

Okay so there seems to be a theme to my Thankful Thursday this week...Allergies have gotten the best of me and I have had a runny nose and have been on the verge of a sore throat for two days now.  What two items are always my saving grace for allergy season?  Any form of hot beverage...and kleenex.  Not just any kleenex, you know what kind, the wonderful lotion filled kind that don't make you feel like a human version of Rudolph everywhere you go...

As far as hot beverages go it can be anything from hot tea, hot cocoa, or even hot Dr. Pepper...yes...that is a thing...and its a cold and sore throat remedy that my family stands firmly behind. Today its hot Lipton Green Tea - at least until I get home and can make some Apple Cider :)

What makes you feel better when your allergies flare up?
What other at-home remedies do your family believe in?

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  1. I am not certain what it is in the air around here but it seems everyone is sick. I went to the doctor last week and the doctor claimed it was nothing... however.. I am headed back today because I am still sick.

    Warm Dr. Pepper. I have never heard of doing that. However it would be worth a shot. Home remedies for us generally are apple cider or tea of some sort and tons of water with lots of rest.

    Hope you feel better soon.