Thursday, September 20, 2012

Oklahoma Sunrise

This week I am thankful for the beauty that surrounds me every day in this great state.  Not many people would drop everything and move to Oklahoma, it just lacks that appeal to the outsiders.  But to those of us that have lived here and have experienced this great state, we know and share the feeling of beauty, love, and contentment that this wonderful state has to offer!

Every morning I drive to work and take in the beauty of Oklahoma (the afternoon drive seems to lack the same luster during 5 o' clock traffic...) As I drive I see so many things that make my heart just light up with happiness.  I see the downtown skyline with the new Devon Tower that now defines our skyline, I drive over the Oklahoma River (N. Canadian River) and see the dedicated rowers up early in the morning starting their days way before I could even imagine, and I pass by the Scissor Tail Pedestrian Bridge with a feeling of pride - especially when its lit up pink.  I get to see and take in all of these things every morning and use their beauty to start my day off on a positive note - this is what I'm thankful for, the Oklahoma Sunrises and all of the beauty that this great state has to offer.

What are you thahnkful for this Thursday?
What gets you ready to start your days?

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