Monday, September 10, 2012

Sweet Birthday Sweets

The day finally came - I have officially turned 25.  Twenty-five....a quarter of a century, the age my mom was when she had me...twenty-five.  It was definitely a memorable birthday - in more ways than one; but the most memorable thing about this birthday weekend was the excessive amount of junk I inhaled into my body this weekend by the handfuls. (This is something I am severely regretting at this very moment.)

Here is a breakdown of JUST the desserts from this weekend :)

Starting with the bottom left and making our way around -

Mini Cooke (Old Chicago) - My parents took me out to eat the Thursday before my birthday just the three of us.  I completely forgot to take the picture until AFTER I went ahead and took a giant bite out of it :)

Plain Cheesecake (Bell Isle Brewery) - This came with a lunch date with a couple of friends of mine.  We met over a nice lunch and were treated to a FREE dessert for my upcoming birthday.  Those are always the best - not to mention Cheesecake is my absolute FAVORITE!!

Oatmeal Cookies & Cherry Cheesecake Brownies (Homemade) - Another friend of mine is currently going through a 60 day juice cleanse and decided to use our group lunch as an excuse to empty out her pantry.  This was just a small helping of the outcome.  We had a Thanksgiving level buffet filled with homemade casseroles and treats of every kind.  And I must mention how WONDERFUL of a chef she is.  Her calling in life was definitely cooking, but somehow she's confused and thinks she's an accountant...

Molten Lava Chocolate Cake (Chili's) - This is that dessert you always wish you could order but always feel too full or guilty to do so; well, not on your birthday!!!  This was my "free dessert" during yet another birthday lunch (have I mentioned I celebrate all week)

Random Chocolate Cupcake (????) - This is one of those cupcakes you buy in a dozen from the grocery store that has some type of random decoration to fit the season.  Specifically, this was a football cupcake, topped with a little ring in the shape of a football and covered in red icing to help root on the Sooners.  I shared this cupcake with my friend Nikki whom shares my birthday with me almost ever year.  We are 09/09 Twins!

Princess Cookie Cake (All American Cookie Company) - The ONLY place to buy a cookie cake...  These are to die for.  I am not really much of a cake person, so for this reason, we always celebrate with a giant cookie cake to share with the family.  Who doesn't love a giant chocolate chip cookie?!?

Any who...imagine that all of these desserts were preceded by a scrumptious meal that I had absolutely no room for to begin with. And now, I regrettably tell you, that I am full.  I woke up full, I ate lunch with a full stomach, and tonight, I am going to bed full.  I have enough fat in me to hibernate for at least a month.  The gym will be my best friend soon, but first I have to survive my momma's birthday weekend, tailgating, and the state fair.  Maybe I'll just wait till next year...

What is your favorite birthday sweet?

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