Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Daddy's Girl / Herbalife / Algebra

Happy belated birthday to my wonderful daddy - yes, I am a daddy's girl, and this weekend was my daddy's 50th birthday!!  We started celebrating on Wednesday night with a family dinner night, followed by Thursday night out for drinks, and ended with a surprise party Saturday with all of his friends from work.  He had a great time, lots of laughs and smiles!

My daddy and I
Yesterday I started back on my Herbalife journey - I'm only replacing my breakfast with the shakes mainly to make sure my stomach problems stay in check.  Then a friend of mine and I are still trying to hit the gym on a semi-regular basis.  I've lost 7 pounds since I first started this "diet" like 3 months ago...and I'm stuck at a plateau that I need to break through somehow or another... Suggestions??
Also yesterday I was able to take some time and sit down with my cousin to help her with 8th grade algebra...I absolutely LOVE algebra (Have I mentioned I'm a nerd?)  It was nice getting to sit down and see how her brain works and to help her learn new things.  Maybe teaching isn't so bad after all...
I'm counting down the days till Friday when 1) I can go home for a long holiday weekend and 2) I can finally reveal what was in my Foodie Penpals box that I opened last week!!!
11 days till 25...

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