Monday, February 4, 2013

Weekend Movie Night - Pulp Fiction

Growing up I wasn't much of a movie kid, sitting in front of a television for more than 5 minutes was usually a task all in itself. Even today I feel like I need to find an activity or craft to partake in if I'm expected to stare into a TV for any long period of time. With that being said, over the last two and a half years that Jeff and I have been together, he has become more and more surprised at my lack of movie knowledge and/or experience. To sum it up, if it wasn't produced by Mr. Walt Disney and/or if someone (or something) dies at any point in the movie, I've probably never seen it. So my genius of a fiancé thought, why not make a regular blog post about our weekend movie night adventures.

Basically what happens is we go into the movie store looking for something to watch, nothing new is worth a darn so we hit the 99 cent racks. Much to his surprise every movie he picks up and says "this is a classic!" Or "if you haven't seen this movie you just aren't American!" I sheepishly smile and have to admit ignorance. So we take one home in hopes that I will become a more rounded American through our escapades.

This weekend we rented Pulp Fiction - Don't judge, I lead a very (self-imposed) sheltered life! Now this is a movie I associated with guns and blood; with Quentin Tarantino as the director, I couldn't help but think nightmarish thoughts. But I must say, it was actually a decent movie. I have to admit, any movie that can make me laugh is graded as decent in my book, after all, I watched Inglorious Bastards and thought it was awesome! (Until I watched it again thinking how much blood, violence, and cursing took place that I had seemingly gleamed over...) but none the less, this was a good movie. There was comedy, multiple story lines without the weird romantic drama sneaking itself in at hidden moments, and overall quality writing. It's not my personally favorite (that category will always be saved for movies like Finding Nemo, Juno, and Cinderella) but either way, it's not a movie I regret watching...

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