Thursday, January 24, 2013

Wedding Planning - Change of Colors

So all of this wedding planning has left me just plain worn out! I had no idea planning my wedding would be this time consuming, stressful, or confusing!  So since my last post a few things have changed.  First and foremost, the date has stayed the same - that is locked in stone, and we went and booked the church for that day - so if anything, we will be married on 10-19-13 in the Newcastle Baptist Church :)

Now for the changes - first off - the color.  Long story short, I've changed the colors to "Sapphire and Diamonds" Anyone that has known me for even a short amount of time knows my love for blue sapphires, and just the look of that color against a crisp white and silver is stunning to me. 

Obviously this changes the theme of the wedding. "Country chic" really doesn't go well with the new colors. So the wedding has taken more of a formal turn - a turn for the better in my opinion :)
As of right now those are the only things decided - date, location, color, and theme - now I just have to find me a wedding dress!

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  1. That will be a gorgeous wedding for sure.

    When I was dress shopping I found a place that had "old" wedding dresses from previous years (last year or "fall" dresses) and they were way cheaper than the "new" or "instyle" dresses.