Sunday, December 9, 2012

Project Reflect 2012 - Practice Makes Perfect

December 8: Practice Makes Perfect 

Some things get better over time. Maybe you started something like Couch to 5k in the beginning of the year, and now you've run your first marathon. Perhaps you couldn't boil water, and now you're a gourmet in the kitchen. What is something you started in the beginning of 2012 that you can now do better at the end? How was the journey along the way?

At the beginning of the year, my idea of dinner was hamburger helper or any other prepackaged box meal. However, I have spent the last year trying to learn new recipes, cooking techniques, and healthy ways of eating and have seem to come a long way.  According to my boyfriend, my cooking has drastically improved over the last year. I started following several blogs and twitter sites and have actively tried to think "outside the box". So far so good, and I'm hoping next year I will have the time to try one new recipe each week, though it may end up being one new recipe a month.  We will just have to wait and see.

Would you consider yourself a decent cook?

Any new recipes you would recommend?

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  1. You should seriously check out the Food & Drink board on Pinterest!

    Also, I have LOADS of deliciousness bookmarked, and can email them to you if you'd like :)