Thursday, December 13, 2012

Project Reflect 2012 - A Blogger's Prerogative

Here is the prompt for Day 12:

December 12: A Blogger's Prerogative

Since you're following these prompts, you're more than likely a blogger. Was there a time this year where you received a comment on a blog post that made you want to just throw in the blogging towel and shut down your blog? Maybe you deleted the comment but it's still bugging you.  Call that person out (but not by name) and tell them how their comment made you feel!

This honestly hasn't been a problem. My problem is more along the lines of getting people to comment at all, let alone negative comments lol There are times though that I wish in real life I could say things back to people who give nothing but negativity.  But fighting negativity with more negativity and aggression isn't the answer :)

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