Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas Came Early

This week was the week of Christmas Parties in the Twenty-Five Plus Household.  Three parties to be exact; and for all three parties we were instructed to bring a dirty santa gift.  Now I have to say, I usually fail when it comes to the dirty santa game, I almost ALWAYS go home with the infamous gag gift that everyone shy's away from.  However; this year I had Jeff on my side, and he taught me the science behind dirty santa...I must say we I made out like a bandit!

Monday night was the Tri-City Cruisers Christmas Party.  The Tri-City Cruisers (TCC) are a local car club where most of the automobiles are 25 years or older, however they graciously let Miss Priss and I join since Jeff joined with his 1968 El Camino. Anywho, this is a great group of people.

Warning: Photo Quality is Terrible Tonight

We ended up leaving with a Complete Car Care Kit by ArmorAll and a homemade centerpiece.  We also got a mini shopvac for Miss Priss.... It's too cold for me to go get it from the car for a pic :)

Our second party was with the Young Couples Group with our church.  We had a wonderful meal with great company and met several new faces.  We made out pretty well at this one as well :)  Jeff even got to go home with a gift of his own!

Finally, we had the OKCamaros Annual Christmas Party on Saturday night.  This was another wonderful event full of great friends lots of new faces from the club that I hadn't gotten to meet yet. Here is out loot from this party:

More terrible photo quality, so in case you can't tell, this is a homemade bottle of white wine, OU kitchenware, and a Camaro picture frame (YAY!!).  I must say, I have the greatest man alive. Each night he helped me out with getting exactly what I wanted, going back and looking at this I feel pretty spoiled!  I definitely love and appreciate him, and I couldn't imagine the holidays without him!

Have you won any great dirty santa gifts this year?

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