Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wedding Planning - Date, Location, Colors

O...M...G... Who new a pretty ring on my finger would turn my world into a tornado! I have to say...if you ask me today (because I'm sure it will change by tomorrow) wedding planning is so much more fun when it's not for real. When the dollar amounts are fake, when you don't have to actually talk to vendors, etc.

So yesterday I had a break down - yes I realize I'm only one week into this - and I still have 40 more weeks to go - but this is harder than I thought it would be! One day you think you want something - then you see a different color, or a different style, or a different material that doesn't match your first idea so you find yourself confused.  Me personally - I'm having an internal argument about the reception...Should we have a big reception at a second location and celebrate the evening surrounded by our friends and family, or should we have a small Baptist reception with a cake, nice finger foods, and celebrate our evening together, just the two of us - after all  it is OUR day. I am leaning more towards the simple, understated event. It'll be more intimate, and we will be able to spend more money on the details versus having to do a large reception as cheap as possible.

Now that I've gone on my rant - here is what I have in the works so far. First off - the date is set:

October 19, 2012

I want my colors to be a really pale pink, kind of soft and flowy, almost sheer; light grey, and white.  I am a pink kind of girl and these colors, I feel like, use pink in a really pretty, not so flashy way.

For the reception I am planning to go with the vintage/lace, understated, country theme.  Now I know this has been way overdone, but I like it.  However, another idea was thrown my direction yesterday that I think I would really like, a Victorian theme.  This would be a swing in the opposite direction, and I couldn't use a lot of the ideas that I have right now.  But it's a work in progress right now.

If I decide to go with my original plan of the understated country theme - my pride and joy and center of the reception will be a Milk and Cookie Bar. This is a spin on the Candy Bar that a lot of people have been doing lately. We will serve several types of homemade cookies in large glass cookie jars, and there will be milk available in milkman vases sitting on ice in an old metal bucket for those that enjoy milk with their cookies!  This is the idea I am most proud of, and with a Victorian theme, this would probably have to go away, so as I said, this is a work in progress, so we will see.

We have picked our location - and I have an appointment tomorrow to sit down and sign the contract - at the First Baptist Church of Newcastle.  We have also picked our wedding party.  There will be five attendants on each side, one flower girl, and one ring bearer. 

As I said, I'm only one week in and its already getting stressful, but I have the best bridesmaids and MOH a girl could ask for. They are so great at pulling me out of those thinking/planning ruts and lifting my spirits when I start to get down. I'm taking today to clear my head, then back on the planning wagon I'll go!

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  1. oh baby, a milk and cookie bar sounds off the chains!! Deeeelish.

    Just remember to breathe easy, and know the day's about two people in love, not about what theme is trendy or played out, or anything else!