Monday, November 26, 2012

Christmas is Coming!

In case some of you are somehow unaware...Christmas is officially on its way!!!  After a wonderful, family and food filled weekend, Christmas Decorating Commenced!  Every year since I have lived on my own I usually put up a small 4' tree and call it good for the holidays.  But this year I wanted to take it a step further.  I went out and purchase a slightly taller tree and also found some essential additional decorations to disperse around my home.  Here are the pics of this years decorations, they are minimal, but I feel they are a good start to add to in many years to come.

I couldn't just stop there, so I added some Garland that hopefully won't fall down before Christmas and some bells to my door to show love towards annoy all of my neighbors.

One more pic just for fun....Yes...I am the Christmas Princess :)

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