Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Plan to Have No Plans

Holiday weekends - Oh how I live for them!  Knowing that I don't have to get up for work on Monday always seems to make Friday THAT much better.  Here's an overview of my weekend:


After getting off work a full hour and a half later than I had planned my long weekend was ready to begin!  Jeff and I made a trip to the mall, which is always a treat in itself, then we met up with some old friends of his for dinner in Bricktown.  Jeff is such a social butterfly; we've been together for two years and to this day I don't think we've ever hung out with the same friends twice.  He just has an abundance of them coming out of every corner of his life!  I've never been much of a people person, so this is something strange and out of the ordinary to me...but its also enjoyable.  I love to see him interacting with people, its what he does best!


College Football Opening Weekend!! College game day in Oklahoma + 100 degree weather = Nasty/disgusting/gross/all synonyms for feeling unpleasant...To say the least, it was brutal.  Let me precursor this section by saying I am an avid OU fan and Alumni - Sooner Born and Sooner Bred...However, Jeff is a big OsU fan, and being the wonderful girlfriend that I am, we got season tickets to watch every Cowboy home football game this year.  We made it out to the university campus around 1:00, when the sun was just getting to its prime; did I mention the game didn't start until 6pm?  This was the first time I've ever participated in a tailgate, but with the icky heat beaming down, I have a feeling I didn't get the full experience, surely when the weather cools down I'll be able to witness what tailgating should really look like! 

Most importantly though, both of my teams won - my Sooners didn't play their greatest game but a wins a win right??


We did absolutely nothing.  We decided last week that with all of the plans we are constantly making, that Sunday would be the day we made plans to have no plans.  It worked out great, and it was nice to sit down and relax a little.  Well...Jeff relaxed, I'm not good at relaxing, so I cleaned :)


A little bit of everything was done today.  We stopped by Jeff's office to try and get a little work done. (Don't worry, we didn't work that hard) Then we stopped  by the mall to pick up my belated anniversary gift, a charm bracelet that we can add to every year :)

The first charm - the key - represents how we met.  The second charm - the hearts - represent the first gift he ever gave me during our first year together.  And the third charm - the cross - represents our second year together when I was reintroduced to Christ and began my journey with Him.  I absolutely love the bracelet and can't wait to see what charms we add to it in the years to come!

This was followed by a wonderful dinner at Ted's - where we both left feeling like over-swollen ticks.  It was WAY too much food but oh so good.  I mentioned to Jeff that since this is my birthday week, all dieting is on hold.  After all - next Monday will be a new year for me right?

5 days till 25

Who do you root for on college game day?

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